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I began to play “Live Music” in 1983 with a band I helped form called Born Live. Our first performance was at George Bellis Park in Buena Park, CA. on April 1, 1983. At that time I was singing background vocals and playing bass guitar. We had no idea that it was required to have a permit to play in the park but by the time we were informed by the park ranger we couldn’t do what we did, the music was already done and the idea of us creating live music  for the rest of our lives was born. The spirit of that band lives on today, which is, always have fun and bring happiness in people’s lives through playing Live music.

The first person that I was influenced by music wise and the reason I start playing the guitar in the first place was Jimi Hendrix. Although I play nothing like Jimi, his free spirit showed me how to be an  original player and find my own style rather than imitate someone else.

Another bunch of musicians that changed the way I looked at music was the Grateful Dead. Most of the bands I saw on tour would play the same set night after night and do the same show in support of their latest album. The Grateful Dead went against the grain and never played the same show twice which I found to be exhilarating innovative and true to the spirit of creating real music. Jerry and company were making the best music live and the albums seemed like a place to jump off from not a place to end up at.

Fast forward to the present and it finds me living a dream as I’m singing lead vocals and playing guitar in the Born Live band, as solo performer CD Thompson and in this duo with the amazingly talented Jeffrey Hellman whom together we are collectively known as Relatively Dead. How did I get to be so lucky and blessed to play music these days with all these talented musicians … Let’s call it Serendipity.

The Adventure Continues …

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