About Us

"From the Beginning"

“The audience is the music that plays the band”

Relatively Dead began in May of 2016. Right from the start, there was great chemistry between Jeff Hellman and CD Thompson. Drawing from a shared love for the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan and many others, this newly formed duo adds a wide range of original material. Gratefully dedicated to honoring the music and traditions we learned from the greatest Band Beyond Description to grace our planet.

Relatively Dead is a Sonoma County Jam Duo. While our name suggests we are a cover or tribute band, that is only part of the story. We have a solid catalogue of original material we draw from when the audience is right. We do have deep roots in the music of the Grateful Dead and we prefer to look for original ways to present their music. Some examples can be found here; http://relativelydead.com/streetjelly-broadcast-6-24-17/ We also cover many others from Dylan to Eagles to Johnny Cash.
We also perform as a 4 piece band, with bass and drums when appropriate. We will be returning to the Panama Hotel in San Rafael for a second engagement on July 20th. Both CD Thompson and myself are clean and sober for a number of years and so we always show up and start on time. We have pro quality PA gear and can handle small to mid-size venues when needed.
There are a great many tribute bands in the Sonoma/Marin County area. Please do not think of us as more of the same; we are ‘Dead Different’
“Enlightened music for elevated minds”

Band Members