50th Anniversary of the first Human Be-In

It was a privilege to be able to provide some audio and infrastructure support for this once, or second in a lifetime event. It was an honor to be a performer. I’m posting the first 2 hour segment of the recording untouched, so you may have to turn up the volume but beware there are some suddenly loud sections too. I have posted a timeline for all the participants so you can go to the parts you want to hear without having to listen to everything, when you are short on time 🙂


Part 1

:35 Blowing of Gary Snyder’s Conch

1:07 Ann Cohen reads

5:00  Milton Rosenberg reads

8:00  Joyce reads

11:07 Anne reads

14:05 Nate Beluga reads

18:25 Anne reads

21:30 Bob Student speaks

26:45 Joyce speaks

29:34 Richard reads

33:58 Anne reads

35:45 Ashley speaks and sings

40:05 Jeff Hellman recites

41:50 someone reads Rip Rap

43:25 Nate Beluga plays harmonica

46:45 Milton Rosenberg reads

48:30 – 53:00 Om Circle(hard to hear)

54:00 Sean on Keyboard

57:12 Anne reads

1:01 30 Sammy speaks

1:02:30 Jess recites and plays

1:06:00 Min Anderson reads

1:09:10 Ashley reads

1:11:30 Milton reads

1:17:00 Anne reads – closes the poetry readings

1:26:30 Jeff Hellman – Sigitar

1:30:29 Helium

1:34:05 Bring it on Home, Brent on Trombone

1:41:15 Before You Accuse Me, w Brent and Nate

1:44:50 Peggy-o w/ Brent and Nate

1:52:25 Keep up the Struggle

Part 2

00:00 Morning Dew

09:15 Diamond Dave w/ Jeff Hellman on guitar and loop

Break for Prayer Circle(cut from audio)

18:40 Dave Borough and Dakota Deborah

Going Down the Road

I know you Rider

26:42 Pietro – Eyes of the World JH on Solos

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