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Thank you Deanna Thompson for all the photography used on our site!

Winery 16600 Vinyl Sunday

Quincy’s 10-27-17


The Big Easy 10-6-17 / warts and wonder

The Big Easy 10-6-17

Starling Bar 9-24-17

Starling Bar 9-24-17

Two more originals from September 7th

Tracks from 1st full band rehearsal

RD Rehearsal 8-21-17

Panama Hotel 7-20-2017

Panama Hotel 7-20-17


StreetJelly broadcast 6-24-17

Streetjelly Broadcast 6-24-17

Skull and Roses Festival Soundboard recordings

Complete set

RD @ Redwood Cafe 8/24/2016 Full band

Upcoming Gigs

Panama Hotel May 3rd

New song “Immigrant’s Nightmare”

NYE 2016

50th Anniversary of the Human Be-in in GG Park

Jeff’s solo recordings

RD @ Artista Joyfest 9/4/16

 2006 Healy Birthday Party